6 Ways to get seen by a Professional Club

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We receive this question from aspiring football players from all over the world on a daily basis. It’s a concern that most youth football players have and our professional coaches have also faced this questions during their youth career. The pathway to professional football is very often a landmine but at Droom Soccer we bridge this gap by helping players … Read More

U21 PRO Football Trial in Manchester (England): 18 -19 November 2020

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This November we’re hosting a professional football trial in Manchester England. It’s the perfect timing to put yourself on the football map as teams will be already looking for player additions. Top career opportunity. A 2 days professional football trial in the best football country in the World, England. The trial is specifically designed and adjusted to U21 players. PRO Manchester … Read More

Evaluating the negative aspects of football trials with professional clubs

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Football clubs do their best to organize trials which allow them to scout the best talent around. However, there are some negative aspects of football trials that are simply beyond the clubs’ control. It’s important that both parents and players are aware of these flaws before attending a football trial so that they’re not overly disappointed and discouraged at the … Read More

What are football academies?

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Although it might seem otherwise, football academies are not the same as youth reserve teams for official football clubs. Players must tryout for football academies just as they must tryout for youth reserve teams. However, football trials at football academies are conducted differently and give players a better chance to show their skills and be evaluated fairly. Different options for … Read More

Sports Agency ‘Droom Soccer’, Highlights Africa’s Growing Talent Market

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Droom Soccer is helping talented African players uncover opportunities. Droom Scouting holds Sports Unified Football Talent showcase events across Africa annually in search for young talented footballers. We pride ourselves on being the most innovative recruiters in football. Using a range of demographic specific recruitment projects and player development programmes, we work hard to ensure that no stone is left … Read More